Wall Street Forex Robot makes another comeback?

If you’ve been around the FX EA space for more than a year you’ve probably seen the resurrection of Wall Street Forex Robot happen at least once. And if you’ve been around longer you may have even seen this happen a few times. Well, it’s happening again and for the first time in a long while I’m wondering if they have finally cracked it??

They team at WSFR have just released access to theirĀ  live account through MyFX book (see below):

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? It actually looks surprisingly good… Oh and it’s a verified real live account that uses just two of their recommended pairs and special settings.

wall-street-forex-robotAnalyzing the data at MyFX Book you’ll see it trades in the following way:

  • 12 pips average win
  • 20 pips average loss
  • 75% winning trades
  • Trades average 5 and a half hours
  • Worst trade -33 pips
  • Best trade 90 pips
  • Profit Factor 1.78

What’s more it has been performing like this since November 2012. So that’s a good track record of 9 months.

To top things off they have a $97 indicator they are giving away for a short time to any new customers. Here’s what they sent through:

“Forex trading has never been so safe, since the alternative settings of WallStreet Forex Robot exist.

We are very proud of the stable results provided by the EUR33 and
GBP30 alternative settings.

Click here to check the results of our REAL-MONEY account!

The users of WallStreet Forex Robot liked very much the idea for the
alternative settings and most of the users trade exactly with them.

We believe that your audience will also be interested in these safer
and profitable settings of WallStreet Forex Robot.

We have prepared a SPECIAL SURPRISE:

Everyone who purchase WallStreet Forex Robot will
GET the Omega Trend Indicator TOTALLY FREE!
The market price of Omega Trend Indicator is $97!


I already have a copy and plan to put it in the members lab using their special settings to see how it goes first.

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