FX Growth Manager – up in its first week

The newly released FX Growth Manager EA, which trades 8 currency pairs consecutively, has come out on top with 31 pips after its first week of trading.


Looking further at the stats only two pairs (GBPCAD & USDCHF) are showing negative returns.

So far it’s placed 52 trades with a 60% accurate strike rate and an average trade time of just 1 hr. All this means in little to no draw down for the trader. That said, we can’t expect it will act the same in the future when it encounters different market conditions, as you can see in my next paragraph.


Taking ownership of ¬†an EA’s performance
It’s also good to see the creator taking ownership for how his EA performs on your account. Just today I received this email from Ben Reinder advising Growth Manager clients to turn their EA during this bumpy news release:

“This is an optional recommendation. Tomorrow at 3 PM EST ( Wednesday)
is FOMC news release. This can negatively effect EA trading.

I recommend shutting off FX Growth Manager during this release.

This is for your account protection.


Ben Reinder”

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