4EXIA Makes +911 Pips In 1st Week

The stories just keep getting better with another new lab addition, this time 4EXIA powering through its first week of trading making positive 911 pips. Yes, after just one week and with a moderate draw down of just -105 pips.


Let’s give you a little more insight into how this EA works:

  • Uses 3 strategies on EURUSD & AUDUSD
  • 2 trend strategies and 1 breakout
  • Relatively short trade time (ave. 7 hrs)


Here’s how 4EXIA hit 911 pips in its first week

Our members EA’s are “turning it on” as well…


Check out the Members EA Lab when you get a chance,  two of the guys have reached over 700 pips in growth to date. They’ve only been on going for under 2 months, so it’s a great achievement for both traders.


Be sure to ask them questions by posting a comment.